Pauline’s Moving Tips

You have sold your home and now what? Call me for a free, in home estimate. Here are some tips I will go over with you during our visit.

Start purging, editing, recycling, donating. You don’t want to pay us to move something that you will subsequently dispose of at your new home (my motto is – “if in doubt, throw it out”).

Garage Sales are a huge investment in time for a small monetary return. If you have the time . . . great! If not, consider hiring someone to assist you.

The North Shore Transfer Station is located on Riverside Drive in North Vancouver and accepts your paints, corrosive liquids, hazardous goods, books & clothing, recyclables, metal and garbage. The Bottle Depot located at 310 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver, accepts TV’s and electronics.

If you don’t have the means to dispose of some of your larger items, for a fee, Edgemont Moving & Storage can make that dreaded trip to the dump on your behalf.

Advise your family, friends, utility companies, charities, Doctor, Dentist, banks, newspaper, magazine subscriptions etc of your new address (or don’t). Most of these can be done on line.

The last place most people want to deal with is the garage. This should be the first area to be organized as it can become your staging area. As boxes are packed, they can be stored in the garage which frees up space for you and your family, allowing your daily life to continue without the clutter. This also saves you money, as most local moves are based on time and this one simple step cuts down moving time, thereby saving you $$$$.

Another ‘time saving’ tip (for those who can physically do this) is to bring all boxes to the level of the home closest to where the truck is loaded.

Ziploc Bags are so useful for that “junk drawer” desk drawer, or small toy pieces. Have these available on move day for those little pegs from your book shelves, nuts, bolts and bits from any disassembled furniture.

Keep that camping cooler handy, usually found lurking in the basement, for those last minute fridge and freezer items.

If you HAVE to pack allowable, non hazardous liquids, make sure you wrap the bottles well in plastic and towels and place in a leak proof, Rubbermaid container or line a cardboard box with a plastic garbage bag which will contain any possible spillage/leakage.

Outdoor furniture, where possible, should be moved OUT OF THE RAIN prior to move day. Position furniture so any trapped water can drain freely before it goes on the truck.