Packing Tips

packingBased on our fifty-plus years of experience, we’d like to offer you some tips for packing when the time comes. Find tips for packing everything from toys to computers and lamps.

Ask us about mattress covers and cartons, which we can supply at a low cost to protect your crib, twin, double, queen and king mattresses.

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When packing your computer, the first thing you should do is make a back-up copy of all of your files, photos and documents. There are online backup tools that you can use to do this if you don’t have an external hard drive. Second, make sure you remove all cables and if possible, pack your computer in its original box or ask the Edgemont Moving & Storage staff to sell you a sturdy container. Also, don’t forget to remove ink cartridges from ink-jet and laser printers.

Radios and Clocks

If your radios and clocks are small, these, as well as other similar items can be packed along with the linens. If you have a grandfather clock, be sure to have it serviced by an expert before packing or storing it.


When packing lamps, first remove the lamp shade, harp and bulb. Wrap these carefully in packing paper. Next, take the body of the lamp and pack it in plenty of packing paper and ensure that there is at least one layer of paper between the lamp’s cord and the body of the lamp. Pack the base upright in a box and full surrounding spaces with crumpled packing paper. Pack the bulb, harp, and other small lamp parts with the base.

Lamp Shades

Be extra careful when packing lamp shades, handling them only by the metal framing and packing them in their own carton. Surround the empty space with clean crumpled packing paper. Do not use newspaper. The only other item that should be packed along with a lamp shade is another lamp shade but only if they can fit without pressing against each other. Use small pillows or bath towels inside the shades.

Mattress Bags

It is important to pack mattresses and box springs for sanitary reasons and to ensure they are protected from damage during moving and transit. We provide mattress covers and cartons at a low cost to protect your crib, twin, double, queen and king mattresses.


Pack your towels, sheets, linens etc. in large cartons or if possible, as cushioning material in other cartons. Make sure to separate and label a box with linens for the first night in your new home.


It is important to remember when packing your silver to keep the air out. Silverware in a chest should have all empty spaces filled with small towels or crushed tissue. The entire chest should be wrapped in clean, unprinted newspaper. If you have any loose silverware, wrap it individually or in groups in tissue or clear plastic wrap.

Artificial Plants

Artificial flowers (silk or dried) should be packed in their own cartons and surrounded by paper towels, cotton or tissue paper. If it’s possible, attach the base of the flower arrangement to the bottom of the packing box.

Live Plants

Please ask us directly about specialized shipping arrangements for house plants.

Paintings, Glass Table Top, Marble Slabs

Small pictures should be wrapped in three sheets of white packing paper and placed on their edge inside a packing box. You can arrange through us to have custom cartons or crates made for large paintings, glass table tops and marble slabs. Use linens, blankets and towels as cushioning material if you can.


Leave rugs on floor, but untacked, or if they have just been cleaned and delivered to your home, leave them rolled.


Bundle garden tools together with tape or string. Use cleaned out garbage cans to put these garden tools, mops, brooms, curtain rods and other tall items in. Remember to remove attachments on power tools and pack them carefully. Don’t forget to empty gasoline and oil from all motors.


It usually isn’t necessary to carefully wrap and pack toys. Packing them in a large box and sealing the top generally does the trick.

Special Notes

The following items are moved at OWNERS RISK (No Transit Protection) UNLESS properly disassembled, boxed or crated:

  • IKEA furniture or any Owner Assembled Furniture – Must be disassembled by owner prior to move day.
  • Glass, Granite, Marble – Must be crated or boxed
  • Lamps, Pictures, Mirrors, Electronics, Computers, LCD & Plasma TV’s – Must be boxed
  • Floor Lamps must be boxed in Wardrobe containers or lamp boxes with shades removed and separately packed.