Moving Checklist

Moving is a hectic time in any family’s life. One of the secrets to helping keep things on track is to organize yourself with a check off list. As your moving dates gets closer, use this handy Checklist to help make sure you have remembered everything that needs to be done.

30 – 45 Days Prior to Move

  • Call Edgemont Moving & Storage @ 604-984-9101 to schedule an appointment for a Free, written estimate for local and long distance moves. Booking early ensures availability for peak periods. Peak periods include all month ends, and from May through to end of August. Did you know June 30th is usually the busiest moving day of the year?

30 Days Prior

  • Notify your insurance agent to ensure continued coverage from previous address to new address.
  • Notify Utility Companies for disconnection and reconnection of Hydro, Gas, Cable, Internet, Telephone
  • Contact for a permanent change of address. All your mail gets redirected to your new address for 6 months, for a fee
  • Notify your gardener and other home care professionals
  • If packing up yourself, order your packing materials from Edgemont Moving and start packing
  • Hold a garage sale and/or take surplus items to charities such as the Salvation Army store.

2 Weeks Prior

  • Donate or dispose of all items you are not moving
  • Empty all attic spaces or crawl spaces into accessible areas for the movers
  • Clean and organize outdoor sheds and storage areas. Bundle long handled tools and arrange other transport for chemicals, fertilizers, flammable products (gasoline & propane) and paint

1 Week Prior

  • Finish packing boxes (if packing yourself)
  • If you have arranged for a professional pack, organize “personal junk” drawers, cupboards, closets and garage for an efficient pack
  • Arrange for a baby sitter on move day for children and/or pets if necessary.

Day Before Move

  • Reconfirm your move details with Edgemont Moving. Our Dispatcher will call you at least one day prior
  • Empty your freezer and refrigerator into coolers or containers for transportation
  • Pack “first night” boxes or suitcases with essentials you need – “Load Last/Unload First” boxes
  • Pack your personal items including jewelry, important documents etc. and move these yourself
  • Have form of payment handy. Personal cheques, cash or credit card if prearranged

Day of Move

  • Strip your beds and finish packing personal items in to “Load Last/Unload First” boxes
  • Keep your vacuum cleaner and last minute cleaning items handy
  • Make sure you or someone is present for the moving crew to answer their questions, and to walk through your home prior to loading and to be there throughout the move.
  • When your home is empty, walk through the home with the driver and moving crew to ensure that all rooms have been attended to and all outdoor items such as ladders and yard items have been loaded on to the truck. Make sure the home is locked up.
  • Provide any specific directions to the driver for access to your new home.
  • Verify contact cell numbers before you and the driver leave for your residence together.
  • Direct the movers where you want all the items placed. Enjoy your new home!

Download a PDF of our Moving Checklist here.