Do you offer Insurance?

We offer Transit Protection Plans. Accidental loss or damage could still occur on your move, no matter how careful we are.

Option A: Released Value Plan

This basic coverage is included in your moving estimate at no additional charge. A claim for loss or damage is based on the weight of the damaged item multiplied by 60 cents per pound. For example, if a dining chair weighting 30 lbs. was damaged or lost, the settlement would not exceed $18.00 (30 lbs x 60 cents).

In the unlikely event of a total loss (by vehicle accident, for example), your maximum protection would be 60 cents per pound multiplied by the weight of your entire shipment. Example: if your shipment weighted 10,000 lbs the maximum settlement would be $6,000 (10,000 lbs shipment x 60 center per lb = $6,000.00).

Option B: Declared Value Transit Protection

This optional Protection is priced out on your estimate and simply means that if the damaged item cannot be repaired to satisfactory condition, settlement will be based on $5.00 per pound per article.

For example, using the same 30 lbs dining chair multiplied by $5.00 per pound, the settlement would not exceed $150.00. Maximum coverage is capped at $25,000.00 per truck load at a reduced rate. Additional coverage can be purchased at $3.00 per $1000 of declared value. This still limits the settlement to $5.00 per pound per article, but increases the maximum ceiling in the unlikely event of total loss.

How do I know how many men and trucks I need for my move?

Call Edgemont Moving & Storage at 604-984-9101 and ask for an onsite survey. There is no charge for one of our moving consultants to come to your home to visit with you to estimate the manpower and equipment required for your move. Estimate surveys are done business hours, Monday through Friday.

How much advance notice do I need to give to book a move with Edgemont Moving & Storage?

During the busy summer months, between May 15th and September 15th, we recommend you book between 4 and 6 weeks in advance to secure your specific move date. However Edgemont Moving & Storage understands that you do not always have control over the completion and possession dates, so you are welcome to call us at 604-984-9101 to check our availability. The busiest and most costly time of the entire year to move is the week leading up to June 30th and the holiday week of July 1st.

When is the least expensive time to move locally?

Between the 5th and the 25th of the month. Normally month end stretches between the last week of the old month and the first week of the new month. Low season rates generally come into effect between November and March.

Does Edgemont Moving & Storage service the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island?

Yes! Edgemont Moving & Storage moves families to the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island on a regular basis. We load your household goods day one and reserve a morning ferry sailing for the next day and make the delivery.

Does Edgemont Moving and Storage provide service to the Okanagan?

Yes! Edgemont Moving & Storage provides exclusive use service to Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Summerland and Osoyoos. For destinations beyond these major Okanagan points, we work with Atlas Van Lines Canada.