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Flexibility is key to a successful corporate move. You can rely on our 60+ years of Vancouver moving experience to execute your corporate relocation successfully. We have moved hundreds of offices small and large. No matter, whether you are a two- person office or a large corporate company with over 1200 employees, we have the knowledge and the equipment to complete the job efficiently and professionally.

We own specialty office moving equipment such as library carts, bins on wheels and screen dollies. We offer recyclable and reusable packing materials and work closely with plastic moving container companies such as FROGBOX and BUNGOBOX.CA

We invite you to contact us about your office moving requirements. We will work with you to customize a tailormade contract of services that suits your needs.

If you are organizing or coordinating a Government move, we meet the requirements for Government moves at the Municipal and Provincial levels. We also work with the hotels and film industry, retail stores and educational institutions.

We have specialty trucks for flowers and clean linen transportation. So when the “show must go on,” we will promise on-time delivery.

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Commercial Movers

Edgemont Moving & Storage can offer a range of commercial moving services from small internal moves to ongoing contract work.

Edgemont Moving has been the trusted choice for dependable home, office and commercial moves since 1961. With our extensive fleet of trucks and efficient and friendly staff, we have earned a stellar reputation.

We own a variety of different sized trucks with power tailgates and specialty moving equipment. Over the years we have completed various contracts for food delivery with refrigerated trucks, sterilized linen delivery to hospitals and health institutions, and even truckloads of flower baskets.

We are well known for our project management with meet and greet of visiting dignitaries to Vancouver and Victoria. We are the movers that roll out the red carpet and do the welcoming ceremonies set up for visiting Presidents, world leaders and royalty.

We are large enough to offer a full range of commercial moving services, and small enough to be flexible, innovative and responsive to our clients’ needs. We would be happy to provide references from our previous commercial projects and contracts.

Call us today to discuss your commercial moving needs and find out much more about what Edgemont Moving & Storage can offer.

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Commercial moving success!

Vancouver prop and costume’s 3 month relocation

Think of all the props and costumes you see in a historical movie, an action movie, or a TV show. Vancouver Prop and Costume had a jam-packed 50,000 square foot warehouse for any prop these sets could need – and from July to September, we moved it all.

Organizing A Large Commercial Move

As a moving estimator, walking into a 50,000 square foot warehouse that is chock-a-block full can be daunting. David Crawford,  the owner of Edgemont Moving & Storage, has been estimating moves for decades and is always up for the challenge. He estimated section by section and created a comprehensive moving estimate that would take over 3 months to complete.

Once the moving began, we had a designated crew foreman who would exclusively handle the Vancouver Prop and Costume commercial move for the 3-month contract. We also kept the crews the same to ensure everyone was on the same page and would use an average of 3 trucks and 9 movers per day.

Because of the organization from both the Prop and Costume team and our stellar moving crews, the contract came in 20% less than originally estimated.

We are happy to say the Vancouver Prop and Costume were fully relocated to their 66,000 square foot warehouse space and now have the room to collect even more props to add to their ever-growing treasury.

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