Susan’s Review of Edgemont Moving

Thank you to Susan for sending in a picture of the moving crew and writing this wonderful review!

Edgemont Moving & Storage Team
Testimonial : 
Out of the seven moves we have gone through in the last twenty years, my husband and I agree that this one was the best one: thanks to the expertise of the people at Edgemont Moving.
We had seen three moving companies before making a final decision but it was obvious that Edgemont would be our first choice. Not only had I been recommended their services by several friends and real estate agents, but I liked their professional demeanor and their “no problem” attitude when they came to visit the house for the first time.
Sure, we were just moving down the road, but it was just as big of a move as when we moved from Paris to Vancouver because our possessions were still the same. Same Restoration Hardware couches, same fashion photography, same crystal wine glasses from Italy, same French antique chairs, same prized collection of Italian Vogue magazines that were in chronological order since 1988, same Moroccan lanterns from when we lived in Casablanca…
I am not possessed by my possessions. Isocrates said “of all our possessions, wisdom alone is imortal.” And we definitely were wise in choosing Edgemont.
First of all, the crews were respectful and available. They took the time to listen to our needs and find solutions.
For example, we had some Ikea wardrobes that needed to be dismantled and mounted again by a specialist. Well, Edgemont found us the perfect guy, Trinidad. Not only did he fix the wardrobes and shelves but also was able to repair a piece of marble that had broken in a previous move.
Edgemont also found a solution for keeping our books in order so that when we arrived in the new house we were able to fill up our book shelves exactly as they had been in our old house (and in only a few hours). How? We drew a diagram of the shelves, numbered them, took photos of each shelf, and finally numbered the boxes accordingly. What a system!
Second of all, the crew at Edgemont was clean! They were courteous! And I loved that they were nice to us but also to each other. It was a group effort between them (“the crew”) and us (“the client”) and we all worked really well together which is a first for us.
Lastly, they loved our dog! That is really important because I was scared that I would have to put him in a cage during the whole five days. But no! The crew loved him and gave even him the respect that he needed to deal with this traumatic move. (Haha.)
We highly recommend Edgemont and we will definitely use them again for our eighth move which hopefully will be later than sooner!
Susan and Fadi

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