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There are many considerations with moving overseas such as cost, overseas packing, and replacement value protection to name a few. Edgemont Moving and Storage will answer all your questions on pricing, specialty packaging, type of transport, as well as transit and delivery time no matter where you are moving to. We are associated with a network of qualified Agents around the World so you can be assured of quality service.

The cost for overseas shipping is based on cubic footage and the volume your shipment occupies within an overseas container. Most countries are limited to the exclusive use of 20 foot and 40 foot overseas containers. Certain countries such as Australia, the UK and Germany allow consolidation or “groupage” within a container. We estimate the volume and services required and provide you with a professional written estimate. Final charges are based on insurance, all services performed at origin and destination as well as the actual measured volume occupied within the container for consolidated shipments, or the exclusive use of 20 foot or 40 foot containers.

Overseas Moving Insurance Coverage

Moving by Barge in Howe Sound

Insurance is highly recommended for all overseas shipments. It is very important that you create a detailed valued inventory of all items within your shipment. Cost is based on your declared value of the goods. The completed insurance document must accompany your shipment along with all the other paperwork. This is a time consuming but most valuable endeavour and we encourage to you to start recording as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary stress or delays on the day your goods are picked up.

Full Service Professional Packing will be covered by this document: Pack Global Marine Insurance

Partial or full packing by Owner will be covered by this document: Wells Fargo Marine Insurance

Due to ongoing regulation changes, please contact us for up-to-date information on the country you are moving to and a free, no obligation in-home survey.

Client Responsibilities

  • Approved Stamped Visas for work or school
  • All Immigration Documents
  • Passports for all family members
  • Contact information at destination including an email address. overseasAdditional contact information for a party you are in contact with while in transit or prior to your arrival at the destination.
  • Valued and detailed inventory list of household goods for insurance purposes
  • If you have any Alcohol please provide a list giving type of each product, quantity of each product, the size of each bottle and the alcohol strength of each product type. Alcohol products are dutiable
  • Payment of shipment prior to ship sailing by cash, certified cheque or money order.

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