Office Movers

Regardless of the size of your company or the distance of your move, we can help plan and coordinate all the details required to ensure an efficient corporate move. We understand the complexity of corporate moves and the need for minimal interruption to your business.

Flexibility is key to a successful corporate move – You can rely on our 50+ years of Vancouver moving experience to execute your corporate relocation successfully.

Our trained staff, experienced drivers and professional moving equipment ensure that your office is moved with care, efficiency and security. We own specialty office moving equipment such as library carts, bins on wheels and screen dollies. We offer recyclable and reusable packing materials and work closely with plastic moving container companies such as FROGBOX.

We invite you to contact us in regards to your office moving requirements. We will work with you to customize a tailor made contract of services that suits your needs.

If you are organizing or coordinating a Government move, we meet the requirements for Government moves at the Municipal and Provincial levels. We also work with the hotel/motel industry, retail stores and educational institutions.

We also have specialty trucks for flowers and clean linen transportation. So when the “show must go on,” we’ll promise on-time delivery.