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Commercial Moving Success! Vancouver Prop and Costume’s 3 Month Relocation

Think of all the props and costumes you see in a historical movie, an action movie, or a TV show. Vancouver Prop and Costume had a jam-packed 50,000 square foot warehouse for any prop these sets could need – and from July to September, we moved it all.

prop beforePastedGraphic-2

Organizing a Large Commercial Move

As a moving estimator, walking into a 50,000 square foot warehouse that is chock-a-block full can be daunting. David Crawford, one of the owners of Edgemont Moving & Storage, has been estimating moves for over 20 years and was up for the challenge. He estimated section by section, and created a comprehensive moving estimate that would take over 3 months to complete.

Once the moving began, we had a designated crew foreman who would exclusively handle the Vancouver Prop and Costume commercial move for the 3 month contract. We also kept the crews the same to ensure everyone was on the same page and would use an average of 3 trucks and 9 movers per day.

Because of the organization from both the Prop and Costume team and our stellar moving crews, the contract came in 20% less than originally estimated.

We are happy to say that Vancouver Prop and Costume are fully relocated into their new 66,000 square foot warehouse space and are ready to collect even more props to add to their ever-growing treasury.




Edgemont’s 12th Year as Canstruction Partner


Edgemont Moving & Storage is proud to be back as an annual partner for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s Canstruction event. We are excited to announce that it is Edgemont’s 12th year donating trucks and labour to this fun project that stocks the shelves of our local food bank. DSCN5139

Canstruction is an annual competition where teams of architects, engineers, designers and students collaborate to create large installations made exclusively out of canned goods. Each year has a theme and there are awards presented to the top designs.

Edgemont Moving & Storage donates the use of our largest truck and labour to pick up pallets of canned goods and deliver them to multiple building venues. Each team has between 9am on April 25th and 5pm on April 26th to complete their design.

DSCN5140The creations go on display to the general public between April 27th and May 8th at The Four Season Hotel, The Pendulum At Gallery and The Rotunda at Pacific Center.

At the end of the competition, Edgemont Moving & Storage transports 100% of the food used in the structures to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank for distribution to community emergency feeding programs.

Since 2002, Canstruction Vancouver has raised over 1,318,000 cans of food and is the largest contributor to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

To find out more about Canstruction, please visit the Canstruction website

Susan’s Review of Edgemont Moving

Thank you to Susan for sending in a picture of the moving crew and writing this wonderful review!

great team

Testimonial : 
Out of the seven moves we have gone through in the last twenty years, my husband and I agree that this one was the best one: thanks to the expertise of the people at Edgemont Moving.
We had seen three moving companies before making a final decision but it was obvious that Edgemont would be our first choice. Not only had I been recommended their services by several friends and real estate agents, but I liked their professional demeanor and their “no problem” attitude when they came to visit the house for the first time.
Sure, we were just moving down the road, but it was just as big of a move as when we moved from Paris to Vancouver because our possessions were still the same. Same Restoration Hardware couches, same fashion photography, same crystal wine glasses from Italy, same French antique chairs, same prized collection of Italian Vogue magazines that were in chronological order since 1988, same Moroccan lanterns from when we lived in Casablanca…
I am not possessed by my possessions. Isocrates said “of all our possessions, wisdom alone is imortal.” And we definitely were wise in choosing Edgemont.
First of all, the crews were respectful and available. They took the time to listen to our needs and find solutions.
For example, we had some Ikea wardrobes that needed to be dismantled and mounted again by a specialist. Well, Edgemont found us the perfect guy, Trinidad. Not only did he fix the wardrobes and shelves but also was able to repair a piece of marble that had broken in a previous move.
Edgemont also found a solution for keeping our books in order so that when we arrived in the new house we were able to fill up our book shelves exactly as they had been in our old house (and in only a few hours). How? We drew a diagram of the shelves, numbered them, took photos of each shelf, and finally numbered the boxes accordingly. What a system!
Second of all, the crew at Edgemont was clean! They were courteous! And I loved that they were nice to us but also to each other. It was a group effort between them (“the crew”) and us (“the client”) and we all worked really well together which is a first for us.
Lastly, they loved our dog! That is really important because I was scared that I would have to put him in a cage during the whole five days. But no! The crew loved him and gave even him the respect that he needed to deal with this traumatic move. (Haha.)
We highly recommend Edgemont and we will definitely use them again for our eighth move which hopefully will be later than sooner!
Susan and Fadi

Edgemont delivers Spirit Bear to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

This week, a client of ours generously donated a Spirit Bear to Canuck Place. Spirit Bear small 004

After Edgemont successfully completed our client’s move into her new residence, the Edgemont team delivered the Spirit Bear to it’s new home in the gardens of Canuck Place.

Edgemont Moving is thrilled to have been a part of such a wonderful donation. We hope the hockey spirit bear is enjoyed by all!

Spirit Bear small 002

Update: Thank you Canuck Place for the Twitter shout-out! 

Edgemont Moving at the BBB Torch Awards

Edgemont Moving and Storage was honored to be a part of the fantastic group of business professionals at the Better Business Bureau Torch Awards in Vancouver on Thursday June 19th. BBB

Congratulations to all the winners who were recognized for their outstanding business practices and continued dedication to customer service and ethical standards.

Edgemont Moving and Storage is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our ratings and comments on the BBB web site.

After 17 years our client still says Edgemont Moving is the best!

We received a lovely card in the mail this week from a long-time client:



Seventeen years ago when I was moving into 2190 Bellevue Ave. I asked the manager what movers to call, he said “Edgemont is the best”

So I called Edgemont and was delighted with the results.

On Saturday, April 19, I called Edgemont again. Boy was I lucky to get Mike and Martin! Everything I thought would be a problem was “NO PROBLEM”

They are really “THE BEST.”

Thanks again!



Edgemont Moving Delivers 8 Foot Wooden Easter Egg-Laying Ostrich

Several years ago, this 9 foot, 700 lb wooden ostrich was given to our clients as a birthday gift prank by a close friend. This year, they decided to sneak it back to the original owner’s residence as an Easter gift prank.

How do you ‘sneak’ a 9 foot, 700 lb bird into someone’s house? You call Edgemont Moving & Storage.

We had a strong Edgemont Moving crew deliver this beautiful bird along with Easter Eggs and decorations.

Happy Easter Everyone!

ostr. boa Ost. transport

7 Movers, 2 Truck Loads of Furniture, 68 Stairs Down to a North Vancouver Waterfront Home

Large furniture and narrow staircases make for a challenging move. Our hardworking staff at Edgemont Moving & Storage amazed our clients by finishing without any damage and one hour under the estimated time!

The movers offloaded 2 large trucks full of furniture down 68 steps to the front door of the house, and THEN down 40 more steps internally in this North Vancouver waterfront home.

Our movers don’t need to do the Grouse Grind every weekend to keep in excellent shape!

Edgemont Moving & Storage – Hard working professionals that deliver on our promises! deep cove couch deep cove stairs


Edgemont Uses Crane to Hoist Sofa 8 Floors

A valued client of Edgemont Moving & Storage needed our assistance with an oversized sofa that they had purchased for their luxury waterfront condo in West Vancouver. Each condo takes up an entire floor of the building and has a small private elevator that opens up into their living room.

Edgemont Moving coordinated the liability insurance, parking permit and road closure with West Vancouver Municipal Hall, including undertaking the traffic management. The massive crane that can reach 150 feet, blocked off one lane of Bellevue Avenue for approximately two hours on a sunny mid-January afternoon.

The move with the team of five Edgemont staff was a great success and even sparked the interest of an upcoming reality TV film crew on challenging moves.